Our boarding rooms are ideal for all cats. There are no 'outside' areas but we board plenty of outdoor cats that settle quite happily in our rooms. Your cat(s) would have their own private room with a large cat tree, wall shelves, a window view, various places to sleep and a variety of interactive toys to keep them amused. All rooms have cave beds so that shy or nervous cats have somewhere to hide. Pet steps can be provided for kittens, disabled cats and elderly cats. 

In the summer, if it's hot, we have window blinds, pet cooling mats and fans to help keep your cats comfortable, and in the colder months, each room will be individually heated. Windows have trickle vents to ensure continuous fresh air. 

All bowls, litter trays, litter and bedding are supplied and rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between bookings.

Medium size, 60 square feet, with a large window. Suitable for all cats.

Large size, 80 square feet, with a large window. Suitable for all cats.

Large size, 80 square feet, ideal for active cats. No outside window but glass at the top of the partition wall allows a view of the outside through the window in the neighbouring room.

Garden Cabin Rooms

Fully insulated log cabin split into three cat boarding rooms. Two small rooms, each measuring 42 sq feet, and the other a medium room measuring 60 sq feet.


Each room has a good sized cat tree next to the escape proof window, a cave bed, storage box covered with a blanket for cats to sleep on, and various interactive toys to keep them occupied.


The cabin has an air conditioning unit installed to keep it from getting too hot. For the colder days, each room has its own individual thermostatically controlled wall heater. 

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